Chicago – After phenomenal feedback and multiple award nominations for Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers, a sequel was inevitable! TROUBLEfilms and AVN Award winner Sinn Sage are thrilled to present Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers Volume 2, now available at Sinn-Sage.Com and TROUBLEfilms. This brand new film features four scenes spanning two hours of romance, seduction, and hardcore pleasure, showcasing some of the hottest trans starlets performing today.

If you love to see passionate trans lesbian lustfulness, look no further than Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers Volume 2.

Sapphic superstar Sinn Sage opens her latest feature with a steamy hookup scene with Shiri Allwood. While watching anime porn, the two explore some kinky new toys that Shiri just got her hands on.

In the second scene, Autumn Rain arrives at Sinn’s place to fix a TV but ends up seduced by Sinn’s irresistible charm and her strap-on, leading to an unforgettable encounter.

The third scene stars Erica Cherry, who roleplays as Sinn’s maid. This scene is a tantalizing mix of spankings and oral pleasure, culminating in Erica getting fucked to completion.

Finally, the film closes with Lux Lives, who waits like a patient good girl for Sinn and Eliza Casey to take turns filling her holes, ensuring the volume ends on an explosive note.

Reflecting on the creation of this sequel, Sinn Sage shared, “I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of my second trans lesbian movie ever since finishing the first one two years ago! My studio produced something really special, and I got such incredible feedback from the queer community that I had to share more of my trans lesbian trysts. I had such passionately erotic experiences with all these hot babes, and I’m so honored to perform with them.”

Courtney Trouble, owner of TROUBLEfilms, added, “Sinn Sage Studios and TROUBLEfilms set the standards in this genre. You always know what you are getting: authentic, smoldering, queer sex!”

Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers Volume 2 is a testament to the inclusivity and passion that TROUBLEfilms is known for, continuing their mission of representing diverse and authentic queer sexual experiences.

About Sinn Sage:
Sinn Sage is an AVN Award-winning performer, director, and producer renowned for her authentic, passionate performances and dedication to queer representation in adult entertainment. With a career spanning over 2 decades, Sinn Sage has become a beloved figure in the industry, known for her inclusivity and commitment to showcasing the beauty and joy of diverse sexual experiences. Her work consistently pushes the boundaries of eroticism and representation, earning her a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim.

About TROUBLEfilms:
TROUBLEfilms is a pioneer in queer, feminist, and ethically-produced pornography. With a commitment to inclusivity and authenticity, TROUBLEfilms showcases a wide range of sexual expressions and identities, ensuring that all voices in the queer community are heard and celebrated.

For more information and to watch Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers Volume 2, visit and TROUBLEfilms.

By Editor