Since signing last January with the industry powerhouse Hussie Models, Zane Walker has embarked on a remarkable journey. A journey that few new male talents dare undertake in the early stages of their career. A brand creation that is all about brawn, brains, and building. What do we mean by “building?” Well, upon first glance, you see this young stallion spends much time in the gym. His physique is something that he wants to be known for. Something that he builds within his brand and being. But Zane Walker knows much more about what goes into being a male lead in the adult film world. His “building” also includes a style many directors and production companies flock to. An acting charm that has had him paired with the biggest stars on the planet. With the most prominent companies. This may be his biggest yet. Zane Walker is proud to announce his latest starring role alongside the award-winning Kylie Rocket in Sucking Cock Around The Country

“2024 has been the best of years, and my goal is to become the best new male talent within these twelve months in multiple ways. I am looking to see this all the way through to January and the awards season, and I am also looking to give my fans content and creation that they will see like no other. I want to be the best and work with the best because I aim to give the best. That is my 2024, and this scene with Kylie Rocket, one of the world’s best performers, demonstrates that I will live up to my word to my fans. Thank you to the amazing Reality Kings crew for giving me the means to do so!” Zane Walker.

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No matter the genre, Kylie Rocket brings her “A” game. Sucking Cock Around The Country is a scene that has something fast for every type of boy/girl fan in the industry. It is the perfect summertime treat when all the girls are beginning to wear less and less—especially this one. If there is one thing we can preach that speaks of what Zane Walker brings to the table here. It is a performance that is powerful, and we do mean powerful. This young stud shows the stamina and poise to create a scene that does more than give the fans their money’s worth in terms of time and quality. This is one of the authentic, cannot-miss scenes of this new male stud’s career. 

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